Mastering The New Media Landscape with Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton

The giant brands that once dominated the media landscape—Oprah, the New York Times, NPR, CNN—have seen their monopoly on public attention smashed by the Internet and now find themselves competing with individuals and brands in a sea of micromedia: websites, social media, blogs, podcasts, and more

How to Use Social Media More Effectively with Laura Roeder

Ever since Laura  Roeder quit a design job and started her first business at age 22, she has been an entrepreneur since then and she's traveled the world (in fact  she met her husband on the road)

After 12,000,000+ downloads, a pivot?

Let me start with a question — Would you continue with the same founding team after shutting down? And that too in the same space as the previous startup? Please comment if you know anyone

How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur

Written By Matt Hyder & Edited by Jeff Ballard Being 23 years old, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of Recoup Fitness, certainly comes with challenges

Building Engagement, Diversifying Your Audience and Making a Difference with Your Platform

I was recently at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast conference with fellow podcasters and story tellers

Episode 1 of the Hustle Culture Podcast with Audrey Bellis

In the first episode of the Hustle Culture podcast, Carlos Gil and I talk to Audrey Bellis who is a rockstar in the Los Angeles area

Being a Digital Nomad-What to Focus On

Have you decided to quit your job, pack your bags and get on the road? If so, allow me to provide guidelines as to how you can make the most out of your limited resources so that you do not face problems in your new destination

How To Build A Business You Love And Still Travel The World

Today's conversation is about building a location independent business you love and how to also enjoy the benefits of traveling

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business Anywhere In The World With Josh Turner

Josh Turner describes himself as a recovering CFO turned marketer

Reasons to read a Leadership magazines

Business magazines gives us a detailed insight to the business world